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Monthly Archive: August 2015

Aug 25

Buying A Laptop

I finally did it.               I went out and bought a laptop. I found a used one that is supposed to be really good outside. They make tough ones that can be beat up. It is called a Panasonic Toughbook. What a difference having a laptop makes! On my …

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Aug 18

Running a Business

              Having a business can be tough. There is just so much to do and not enough time. Some days feel so successful when I get a lot done. Then, there are days when I don’t get anywhere near my business. I made a writing goal for BlogMutt and …

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Aug 11

Images on Your Blog –

Writing a blog is fun and challenging. I love to get my feelings out. However, I really enjoy finding the pictures to show what my blog is all about. Now, for awhile, I was very scared about copy writing issues. I have heard about some bloggers getting sued about the pictures that they were using …

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Aug 04

Three Ways To Get Motivated In Your Business

            My last blog focused on how unmotivated I was to wake up early and work on my business. Besides trying to catch up on sleep, I also have trouble when I try to work outside. All I can see is everything else that I should be doing. I see …

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