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Monthly Archive: February 2015

Feb 27

Change Is Hard

Change is hard. I got my new Quicken program and it drove me crazy. Now, I tried to remember that once I got it set up, it would make everything much easier. However, the setting up was terrible. It actually was a lot worse than I thought it would be. I had a terrible time …

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Feb 24

The Dreaded Tax Time (Especially For Small Businesses)!

I finally sat down and did my taxes yesterday. I usually try to do them as early as possible (usually in January). I usually have my money spent way before I get it. I usually just pay off my credit card and some other bills. This year, I was a little nervous with my business, …

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Feb 20

Staying Motivated As a Business Owner

Motivation can be very hard. When you are working for someone else, they tell you what to do, when to do it, and pay you when it gets done. When you are your own boss, you are responsible for finding your own work and our own pay. If you are not motivated, you won’t have …

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Feb 17

A Rainy, Cloudy Day

I am sitting here with absolutely no motivation to do anything. My kids are going crazy inside playing on the slide and bouncing around but hopefully getting some energy out. I have a doctor’s appointment and I have to leave in about an hour. Also, the weather is really cloudy , rainy, and cold. Weather …

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Feb 14

Happy Birthday Boys!

Today is the boys’ birthday party.  I can’t believe that we took this picture a year ago when they were 2 and 3!  My babies are getting SOO big and growing up into little boys! I hope we have a wonderful party and enjoy a great time with family  and friends!

Feb 13

Learning So Much Already

I spent about an hour today with my new class. Already, I have learned a lot. There is no way to have a freelance blogging business without a blog. It is very important to focus on your own blog. This is something that I have struggled with because sometimes I feel like if I only …

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