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Monthly Archive: October 2014

Oct 31

List of Firsts!

My last post was about firsts. Cody’s first day of school and Evan’s first day of just mommy and me time. I enjoyed time with just Evan also. Days like today make you realize how life is all about first days. There are first days of school, high school, and college. First day of a …

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Oct 28

First Day of School

Today has been a day of firsts. My oldest son is off to preschool and they day did not start off very well. First, I overslept. I had great plans of getting up early to spend some time writing and exercising. Then, I wanted to shower before the boys woke up. Instead, Evan was up …

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Oct 24

Trouble With Re-Motivation!

My week away from BlogMutt was challenging. I hated the typing project. However, even though I missed writing terribly, I am now stuck. I was doing so well with BlogMutt and I was getting a decent paycheck every week. This last week was horrible. I didn’t have many posts that were waiting to be bought. …

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Oct 21

Still Learning!

I learned a few things last week. I help a fellow virtual assistant. She gave me a document to type up from a PDF file. Wow- it was a pain in the neck, literally. As I worked on it in several sessions, I learned quite a few things. If I need to type for people, …

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Oct 17

What A Bad Day Looks Like

    My last post explained about good days. However, when you have children, each day can be challenging. They need constant care and attention. Some days, you can get a lot done because they play nicely while other days, you feel lucky to make it to bed time. So, what does a bad day …

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Oct 14

My Idea Of A Successful Day

Yesterday started out as a good day. I got a lot done in the morning and then I relaxed a little bit while writing and playing with the boys. Then, I realized that I should mow. So, we got all three mowers out (mine and a mower for each of the boys). Within a few …

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