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Monthly Archive: September 2014

Sep 30

Making The Most Out Of Your Business Time

    Today, as I sit here trying to figure out (yet again) what to write for my blog, I am listening to the boys scream. They are so tired and I am trying to make them take a nap. They are both in their rooms and I can still hear them. I hope that …

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Sep 26

Reasons to Delegate In Your Small Business

The last time that we talked, we discussed delegating, whether you chose to get help in your home or business. Some people ask for help with their children and home. Others prefer to delegate business tasks such as phone calls and record keeping. It does not really matter what things that you hire someone else …

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Sep 23

Thoughts on Delegation

I am exhausted today. We were away most of Friday and all day Saturday at a tractor show. It should have been fun and relaxing but it was cold and rainy. Also, how much can you really relax when you have two mobile children who love tractors? Heavy machinery is everywhere. The boys want to …

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Sep 19

The Good and Bad of Owning Your Own Business: Ending With the Good!

      With my last blog, I touched on all of the bad that goes along with owning your own business. However, there are so many good reasons to work from home. The list of bad things seemed extensive, even to me, as I was writing and editing my post. However, the good things …

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Sep 16

The Good and Bad of Owning Your Own Business: Starting with The BAD!

I am behind on my blogs and it is stressing me out a little bit. Now, I have two done for this week but none for the rest of the month. I usually like to do a whole month or so at a time. I seem to function best having marathon blogging sessions. I could …

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Sep 12

Ways Of Dealing With Stress

Last blog, I talked about the dangers of stress, especially when it is constant. Not only does it affect your mood and how you look, it can affect your relationships. You might be too stressed to be a good wife and mother (or husband and father). You might take out all of your frustrations on …

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