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Monthly Archive: July 2014

Jul 29

Reasons to Hire ME to Write Your Blog

    After writing my last post, I thought that I would make a list!   A list of the reasons that you should hire ME to write your blogs! What is a better list than that?  My thoughts exactly, so here are the reasons that you should hire me as a blog writer. You …

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Jul 25

How To Find Topics For Your Blogs (Part II)

When you come up with a blog topic, you can imagine all of the different things that you can write about. However, there may come a point (hopefully years down the road) when you sit down to write and cannot figure out what to write about. So – how can you get a blog post …

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Jul 22

How To Find Topics For Your Blogs (Part I)

So, you finally figured out a topic for your blog – now what?? How do you know what to write about every week? Where do you even start? Yes, having a blog can be a daunting task. Trust me, I know. My whole blog has been a trial period and there is nothing wrong with …

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Jul 18

The Middle of a Dilemma

Today, my post is more personal – but it is about my business so I thought that I would share. I hope that it is alright with you. Maybe you are also in the middle of a dilemma and just need to talk it out. For a few months, I have been helping another virtual …

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Jul 15

All About Niches!

I have been spending the last few posts struggling as a business owner to find my niche. I have written about my struggles as I have tried focusing on several different things. I have also written about the fact that I finally know what I want to do! So what is a niche and why …

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Jul 11

Finding My Niche

It is such a relief to finally have a niche. I think that ever since I started thinking about working at home (back when my first one was a baby), writing was my goal. Then, I tried a few other things. For the past year, I have been working on growing my Virtual Assistant business. …

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