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Monthly Archive: May 2014

May 27

The Importance of a Schedule (For Everyone)

I have finally quit my one job.  However, it was not because I was able to support my family with my virtual assistant business.  My veterinary job was able to give me more hours so I wouldn’t have to work two part time jobs.  I am incredibly thankful because the stress of the other job …

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May 20

Feeling Ecstatic

  It is amazing how a glowing recommendation can make you feel. I had been working with a client on for a week. It was a very busy week. I started writing one blog and the client was so impressed that I ended up writing about five or six more blogs in two days. …

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May 14

When to Quit Your Job

Starting a new business is scary.  You believe in it (and yourself).  You don’t want it to fail.  Often, people continue to work their full time job while starting a business.  However, everyone looks forward to when they can quit their regular job.  You need to be ready to quit.  How do you know if …

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May 07

It is Ok to Ask for Help

Running a business is a lot of work.  Raising children is a full time job.  Taking care of a home adds even more to a full plate.  So, how do you balance work and family? I hear often how you want to work at home so that you do not have to hire a baby …

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