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Monthly Archive: April 2014

Apr 29

Time: The Biggest Reason that You Need Help

Time can be our worst enemy.  There are a ton of cliches to describe time.  Time goes by so fast.  Time flies when you are having fun.  There is never enough time.  This is especially true when you own a business. Time is how I can help you the most.  By doing some of your …

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Apr 23

What to Do About Writer’s Block

It happens to everyone.  You can’t think of anything to write.  Maybe you saved a whole day to write.  You could have just been trying to squeeze in fifteen minutes.  No matter how long that you had to write, you are stressing because you are just sitting in your chair staring at the computer.   Here …

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Apr 15

Blogging Today

It is a beautiful day.  I took the boys for a walk.  Now, they are playing quietly in the sandbox.  I am out here with my notebook (I know – old school) writing blog post after blog post.  Though I can’t type them or research anything, I have written several.  I will also have to …

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Apr 08

Blogging: Keeping it Real

You all know that I am new to blogging.  I really enjoy it but every week, I struggle to figure out what to write about.  There are almost too many topics!  Also, I want it to be informative to my readers.  I am struggling to figure out what my readers want to learn about.  I …

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Apr 02


I have always been told to network, network, network, especially with your business.  I have been working on building relationships but I have also been looking through job ads, searching a lot for jobs.  The funny thing is, through networking, I have gotten several leads. I met a Virtual Assistant through a VA group and …

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