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Monthly Archive: March 2014

Mar 26

Running a Business

  Running a business is a lot of hard work.  You spend a lot of time doing things that do not actually make you money – yet.  You schedule Facebook posts, spend time on social media, and write a blog.  You spend time building relationships with potential clients – later, sometimes much later in time.  …

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Mar 18

Why Do YOU Need a Blog?? Part Two.

I am glad that you are back for part two of this blog.  Maybe I already convinced you that you need a blog but you are curious about the rest of the reasons.  Maybe you are still not convinced so you thought you would check back in.  Either way, let’s get back to the many …

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Mar 11

Why Do YOU Need a Blog?? Part One.

First of all, what is a blog?  It is a short, informative piece written to drive people to your website.  Many are for entertainment but many people search out blogs for their free information.  To keep people coming, a new blog should be posted at least weekly, though some people post daily.  So, why exactly …

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Mar 04

Blogging Changes, Right?

After sticking to very informational blog posts for my first several blogs, I then decided to switch it up and make a very personal blog.  I was sick, my children were sick, and we were stuck inside.  During this time, we got hit by snow storm after snow storm.  Then, we had ice with no …

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