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Monthly Archive: February 2014

Feb 25

Facebook Postings (My Little Rant)

  I just scheduled my Facebook posts for the month.  Now I must admit, by the end I felt like screaming so obviously I do not need to have a whole month scheduled in one sitting.  However, when I lose electricity, which is often, it is good to know that my posts and blogs are …

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Feb 18

Personal – Let’s Try Some Thing New!

This week I am shifting to a more personal blog.  I feel compelled to start a mommy blog and even though my life is never boring with two young boys and my puppy, I am not sure if I can get enough content to start one.  Also, I am not sure that I want to …

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Feb 12

What Can a Virtual Assistant Do?

A Virtual Assistant can help business owners, small and big, in many tasks. Some are hired full time though most work part time with several clients. Some Virtual Assistants work long term with clients though many work only when you need a little extra help. So what kind of things can a Virtual Assistant do …

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