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Sep 19

Something New

I don’t know if you have heard but Jewelry in Candles merged with another company. In a way, this was quite helpful. I was quite behind on my quota so I would have had to buy more candles in order to keep going. I was a little upset though because I truly enjoyed the products and loved having several candles in my closet for last minute gifts.

I really enjoyed the jewelry too! I was never a jewelry girl but it felt nice to get dressed up a little bit. So, I started thinking of other ways to get involved.

I started making my own earrings (which I hope to make some to sell soon) plus I joined Paparazzi. Five-dollar accessories for people who can’t afford more expensive things. I can’t wait to get my kit and start showing it off!

Below are some pieces that I might be getting in. If you are interested, feel free to contact me or check out my Facebook page of pieces that I currently have for sale or you could check out my Paparazzi website too.